A Handbook of Comparative Tai by Fang Kuei Li

By Fang Kuei Li

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Here we have two moons (three of them would take us back to the beginning of time, which is further than we want to go), lacking the ³nal stroke because they are partially hidden behind the clouds of time. [6] h i j k l m lesson 7 61 evening 109 Ï Just as the word evening adds a touch of formality or romanticism to the ordinary word “night,” so the kanji for evening takes the ordinary looking moon in the night sky and has a cloud pass over it (as we saw in the last frame). [3] n o p * The primitive keeps the same meaning and connotation as the kanji.

The sense of bound up is that of being “tied and gagged” or wrapped up tightly. If you have trouble remembering when it serves as an enclosure (with the hook) and when not (without the hook), you might think of the former as a chain and the latter as a rope. [2] ‹ Œ * ( horns This primitive element always appears at the top of the element to which it is related, and is always attached, or almost attached, to the ³rst horizontal line to come under it. The horns can never simply be left hanging in the air.

3] ! # $ * As a primitive, the meaning of child is retained, though you might imagine a little older child, able to run around and get into more mischief. 96 Z cavity Probably the one thing most children fear more than anything else is the dentist’s chair. Once a child has seen a dentist holding the x-rays up to the light and heard that ominous word cavity, even though it is not likely to know that the word means “hole” until it is much older, it will not be long before those two syllables get associated with the drill and that row of shiny hooks the dentist uses to torture people who are too small to ³ght back.

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