A Practical Guide to Keeping Healthy Fish in a Stable by L. Jepson, Visit Amazon's Lance Jepson Page, search results,

By L. Jepson, Visit Amazon's Lance Jepson Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Lance Jepson,

Certain guideline advises on water temperature and chemistry, gravels, and the simplest apparatus to assist preserve a healthy surroundings for aquarium fish. Aquarium hobbyists increase their talents by way of learning the essentially captioned, step by step, full-color images on each web page of Tankmasters Books. those books. show—rather than purely tell—how to take care of colourful and engaging fish tanks, with each web page actually choked with photographs and different illustrations. All have targeted and instructive captions. each one booklet specializes in a distinct point of both freshwater or marine aquarium upkeep, and explains every thing from fish and plant forms to bubblers, filters, and different aquarium components. greater than 2 hundred illustrations in each one e-book.

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Instead, you’ll need a commercially manufactured aquarium light. Like all aquarium components, the aquarium light comes in a variety of types and forms. By far the most common is the fluorescent light that fits snugly on top of the aquarium hood and provides even, cool illumination. There are several types of fluorescent bulbs that can create special effects in your aquarium. If you intend to maintain plants, use fluorescent tubes that cover the ideal spectral range of plants and promote plant growth.

This can be done by introducing a few very hardy fish, such as common Goldfish, into the tank. These fish will produce the necessary ammonia to help establish bacterial colonies that comprise the nitrogen cycle. Once the fish have been introduced, it is important to continue to monitor ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. Within a few days you will see ammonia and nitrite levels begin to climb rapidly, and nitrate will remain low. If you introduce the fish too soon, they may be poisoned by high ammonia levels.

Undergravel Filter The undergravel filter is considered by many to be the most effective type of filter because it provides a high level of biological filtration. This filter consists of a plastic plate that sits under the gravel of the tank. Water is drawn through the gravel by pumping air to the bottom of the filter with an external air pump. Some undergravel filters are driven by powerheads mounted on the intake tubes. Both kinds provide excellent water circulation and aeration. 35 36 Part I Getting Started In essence, this filter uses the aquarium gravel itself as the filter media.

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