A reference grammar of Trumai by Raquel Guirardello

By Raquel Guirardello

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Eleven onze onz twelve douze dooz thirteen treize trez fourteen quatorze katorz fiftteen quinze kanz sixteen seize sez seventeen dix-sept deeset eighteen dix-huit deezweet nineteen dix-neuf deeznurf twenty vingt vañ thirty trente tront forty quarante karont fifty cinquante sankont sixty soixante swasont seventy soixante-dix swasont-dees Ça fait quatre-vingtcinq euros. sah fay katruh-vañ-sank uroh eighty katruh-vañ ninety That’s eighty-five euros. 5 Say it twenty-five quatre-vingt quatre-vingt-dix katruh-vañ-dees one hundred cent soñ three hundred trois cents trwah soñ sixty-eight one thousand ninety-one mille meel eighty-four ten thousand dix mille dee meel five to ten eleven-thirty What time is lunch?

Pauline Du Bois à l’appareil. aloh. pawleen doo bwah ah lap-paray Hello. Pauline du Bois speaking. Bonjour. Je voudrais parler à Rachid Djamal. boñjoor. juh voodray parlay ah rasheed jahmal Hello. I’d like to speak to Rachid Djamal. C’est de la part de qui? say duh lah par duh kee Who’s calling? M A K I N G A R R A N G E M E NT S 35 4 Useful phrases Practice these phrases. Then test yourself using the cover flap. Je voudrais une ligne extérieure. juh voodray oon leenyuh exteree-yur phone book 2 I’d like an outside line.

60–1) Au camping At the campground Camping is popular in France and there are many well-organized campgrounds. These are rated by a star system. Most towns have un camping municipal (public campground), and there are also many private sites. Campfires are usually forbidden, but you can often rent a barbecue grill. 2 Useful phrases Le camping est tranquille Familiarize yourself with these phrases and then test yourself using the cover flap. luh komping ay troñkeel Je peux louer un vélo? Can I rent a bicycle?

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