Abraham Lincoln. A Biography by Linda Przygodski

By Linda Przygodski


It took just a couple of mins to bring, and it contained simply 268 phrases. in comparison with the time wasted and phrases carelessly bleated out through smooth politicians and pundits, the Gettysburg handle is one heck of a discount. No speech higher sums up Abraham Lincoln than the Gettysburg tackle, and no telling of his tale can start with out recounting it. Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the U.S., introduced those phrases on November 19, 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. a number of months early, a bloody, pivotal conflict of the Civil warfare were fought there, and Lincoln was once available to commit the land to the fallen infantrymen. The gaunt, 6-foot-4 guy stepped in entrance of the group and brought those words:"Four rating and 7 years in the past our fathers introduced forth in this continent, a brand new state, conceived in Liberty, and devoted to the proposition that each one males are created equal.Now we're engaged in an excellent civil conflict, trying out even if that state, or any kingdom so...

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The United States was quickly growing, expanding into the Western territories. S. Senate seat from Illinois, Lincoln officially voiced his full-throated opposition to slavery. His support for the Senate seat dwindled and he was not elected. S. history in 1858. Running for Senate as a Republican against Democrat Stephen Douglas, the two men had a series of debates that drew clear lines between the anti-slavery and pro-slavery platforms. Lincoln argued that slavery went against the ideas the Founding Fathers intended when they created the country.

It was customary at the time for son to work for their fathers and give them all the money they earned. His early life was filled with back-breaking work, and he never saw any reward for his effort. As he grew up, Lincoln continued to educate himself and grow as an intellectual. This caused a rift with his father, who was an uneducated and didn’t see the value in what his son was doing. There was a distance between father and son, a gap that had no hope of ever being closed. Thomas Lincoln decided to move again, this time in 1830 to non-slave state Illinois.

Aug. 22, 1864 in a speech to soldiers Trivia/facts Abraham Lincoln still holds the distinction of being the tallest president. At 6-foot-4, tall by today’s standards and a giant in the 19th century, he was a foot taller than the shortest president, the 5-foot-4 James Madison. Disaster seemed to follow Lincoln’s son, Robert. Though he was not at the theater the night his father was killed, he was a witness to the assassination of President James Garfield in 1881. No heirs to Lincoln remain. He had four sons with his wife, Mary, but three of them died (ages 4, 12 and 18) before having children.

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