Africa by Gemma Pitcher

By Gemma Pitcher

Discover Africa

Watch the solar set over the Niger at Mopti, the place Malians exchange fish for salt with the wasteland Tuareg.
Wake as much as the tug of a trunk as elephants wander via your campsite within the Serengeti nationwide Park.
Dip your oar quietly into the Okavango Delta as you float in the direction of a delight of lions lounging at the water's edge.

In This Guide:

24 authors, forty nine international locations, 1 scrumptious tremendous rat.
Covering extra nations than the other Africa commute guide.
Feature bankruptcy on Africa's improvement via veteran Africa journalist and best-selling writer Michela Wrong.
Visit for up to the moment reports, updates, and vacationer suggestions.

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While cartographers wrestled with maps, philosophers struggled to shoehorn the new information 23 S ta n ley ’s L o st S tor y 24 into the boot of medieval knowledge, to reconcile it all with scriptures and classical sources. Voyagers were testing not only the limits of geography, but of ideas too. As explorers sailed from Europe, they left behind the ancient texts that had long anchored their thought. 2 Moving south, past the burning zone, explorers surveyed the edges of this vast landmass. It was another world, as Cadamosto had called it, one barely glimpsed in the chronicles of travelers or the texts of ancient scholars.

In 1856, Richard Burton and John Hanning Speke, both of whom served as soldiers in British India, trekked inland from the East African coast, reaching the shores of a vast lake, Tanganyika, in 1857. Shortly thereafter, Speke reached another great lake to the north of Tanganyika, which he named Victoria in honor of the British queen. Another expedition, led by Samuel and Florence Baker, approached the Nile’s source from the north in 1862. Arriving at the confluence of the Nile’s two great tributaries—the Blue Nile and the White Nile—the couple set off up the uncharted White Nile until they came across yet another massive lake, “a sea of quicksilver,” which they named Albert, after the queen’s consort.

The vast region surrounding it still ­remained shrouded in mystery, known only from the reports of Speke, Burton, and Baker. With an escort of two thousand men provided by Mutesa, Stanley set off to complete his survey of the watershed to the west, first to Lake Albert, then to Lake Tanganyika, and finally to the Lualaba River beyond. This large force of men, entrusted with protecting Stanley as he pushed deep in the interior, introduced him to the Gambaragarans. Comprised of many different East African clans, the force presented a spectrum of physical variations, a broad array of heights, facial types, skin colors, and complexions that showed the diversity of African peoples.

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