Africa in International Politics: External Involvement on by Ian Taylor

By Ian Taylor

Finding Africa at the worldwide degree, this publication examines and compares exterior involvement within the continent, exploring the overseas guidelines of significant states and foreign companies in the direction of Africa. The participants paintings inside of a political financial system framework with the intention to research how those powers have tried to stimulate democracy, peace and prosperity within the context of neo-liberal hegemony and ask whom those makes an attempt have benefited and failed.

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Callaghy, R. Kassimir and R. Latham (eds) Intervention and Transnationalism in Africa: Global–Local Networks of Power, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 216–39. Onwuka, R. and T. Shaw (eds) (1989) Africa in World Politics, London: Macmillan. Oyebade, A. and A. Alao (eds) (1998) Africa after the Cold War: The Changing Perspectives on Security, Trenton: Africa World Press. Paris, R. (1997) ‘Peacebuilding and the Limits of Liberal Internationalism’, International Security, 22, 2: 54–89. —— (2002) ‘International Peacebuilding and the “Mission Civilisatrice” ’, Review of International Studies, 28, 4: 637–56.

Hamiltonianism The ACRI is primarily about military security, but insomuch as it is about stability and establishing order it could also be considered a component of the Hamiltonian current. As Kapstein argues, the building of a liberal world economy has been a consistent American objective since the end of World War II (1994: 79). The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is the embodiment of the Hamiltonian tradition. In essence, it is meant to pick up where the IFIs failed – bring Africa into the international economic fold.

This royal we, of course, meant a splinter of the US foreign policy establishment ensconced in the world-view of a particular branch of the Republican Party. However, in general, Africa is well down the list of American priorities. This does not mean that the US has ignored Africa. President John F. Kennedy and his Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Mennan Williams, for instance, were considered very ‘pro-Africa’, and President Ronald Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Chester Crocker, spent almost eight full years trying to cobble together a peace in Angola.

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