Afro-Caribbean Immigrants and the Politics of Incorporation: by Reuel R. Rogers

By Reuel R. Rogers

This publication examines the political habit of Afro-Caribbean immigrants in ny urban to respond to a well-known, yet nagging query approximately American democracy. Does racism nonetheless complicate or restrict the political integration styles of racial minorities within the usa? With the arriving of unparalleled numbers of immigrants from Asia, Latin the United States, and the Caribbean over the past numerous many years, there's cause once more to contemplate this query. the rustic is confronting the problem of incorporating a gradual, big move of non-white, non-European voluntary immigrants into the political process. Will racism make this technique as tough for those beginners because it did for African american citizens? The e-book concludes discrimination does intrude with the immigrants' adjustment to American political lifestyles. yet their political thoughts and strategic offerings within the face of this problem are unforeseen ones, no longer expected via regular bills within the political technological know-how literature.

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Although the minority group perspective gives due consideration to these racial obstacles, its emphasis on race can gloss over important background differences between African Americans and foreign-born non-white groups, such as Afro-Caribbeans, that also influence their political incorporation patterns. In particular, the fact these new minority groups are immigrants with ties to other countries informs their adjustment to the American political system in ways not anticipated by either the minority or the pluralist perspective.

After all, early European immigrants were once “racially” marked victims of discrimination; they were subjected to considerable prejudice. , Erie 1988; Wolfinger 1965). The fact that African Americans suffered more discrimination than European immigrants also does not explain the difference in their political responses. 11 The political response of a group is thus determined by the subjective meanings they attach to the racial hardships they encounter. Those subjective meanings are likely influenced by the background factors that differentiate minority groups.

Whatever the interpretation, the path to political incorporation has been difficult for African Americans, leading some to speak despairingly of the “permanence of racism” and the “impermanence” of black gains in the post– civil rights era (Bell 1992). ) Most scholars of African-American politics believe severe racial discrimination and inequality explain why the group has been unable to follow the same neat path to political incorporation as whites in this country. They reject attempts by Dahl and others to shoehorn African Americans into the pluralist mold.

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