Aggressive Dog by Charles Heflin

By Charles Heflin

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Don’t stop touching him but do this in a gentle 43 manner until he grows used to your handling. Now, give him an occasional treat and lots of praise. Almost any dog can become aggressive when defending its food. To reduce his aggressive tendencies, teach your dog to sit and wait for the bowl to be placed on the floor in front of him. Once it is set down before him, he should be allowed to eat. Get your dog used to being interrupted while eating. For this, give him a small portion of his food and lift the bowl often to refill it during one meal.

Teach him the following exercises: 53 Stay: Command your dog to sit down. ” Keep saying this word every five seconds, moving just a little away from him with your hand still extended toward him. Are you 10 feet away from him? ” Sit: Now, stand one foot away from your dog and face him. ” Take both your hands and make him sit down, repeating the word “Sit” every five seconds. If he is seated, give him a treat and verbal praise. Repeat these actions and slowly eliminate the second step when he sits on his own.

When picking out a puppy, make sure it is outgoing and friendly. It is best to begin training your pup early. It is better to teach him with rewards such as food, toys and most importantly, praise rather than physical punishment. In terms of early training, begin by lifting the puppy to groom or bathe him. Make him lie still while you trim his nails and clean his ears. If you do this often, he will get used to being handled and held around the head and muzzle area, in the down position and on his belly or side.

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