American Black History by Walter Hazen

By Walter Hazen

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C) They were no better off than they had been before the war. 7. The only southern state that had ratified the Fourteenth Amendment at the beginning of the Reconstruction era was (a) Virginia. (b) Tennessee. (c) Alabama. 8. Northerners who went south after the Civil War either to help freed blacks or to attain profit and/or power were called (a) scalawags. (b) carpetbaggers. (c) bluebellies. 9. Carpetbag governments in the South ended when (a) black voters turned them out. (b) the North lost interest in the plight of former slaves.

Wells. 15. When World War I began,African American men (a) showed little interest. (b) flocked to join the armed forces. (c) rioted in opposition to it. 16. The mass movement of African Americans from the South to the North in the early 1900s is referred to as the (a) Harlem Renaissance. (b) Great Migration. (c) New Immigration. 17. A ghetto is a run-down section of a city occupied by (a) immigrants of different nationalities. (b) a racial minority. (c) poor people of all races. 18. Washington founded (a) Tuskegee Institute.

He became drawn to international communism, erroneously praising the Soviet Union as a land free of racial prejudice and class distinctions. Finally, in 1962, disgruntled with the slow pace of the civil rights movement that had begun a few years earlier, Du Bois moved to the nation of Ghana in Africa. He died there one year later at the age of 94. © Milliken Publishing Company Review and Write 1. Compare W. E. B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington’s ideas on how African Americans could best improve their lot in society.

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